My philosophy is simple; I understand that crisis is opportunity, and that many of us deal with the crises and traumas in our lives by developing coping skills that help us survive.  A prime one of these is the development of codependency—the need to often passionately take care of another, or a cause, while simultaneously not caring for oneself.  This can be seen as a positive response to trauma.

My goal is to help you not just survive, but to thrive, to not just turn your pain into empathy for others, but also to grow into who you were meant to be by expanding your understanding and compassion for yourself, to heal yourself through Self-Parenting.

This involves learning to step into your personal power, and I will show you how. I will teach you to self-sooth on a psychological, neuro-biological and spiritual level, while identifying and owning your own well-honed resilience, embracing all aspects of their recovery. The Self-Parenting Process is multi-faceted and involves the use of:

Enjoy my website and my book as you explore using these tools.